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Crash Proof Investing

Did you make money during the 2020 market crash? 


With Inclusivest, you would have.

Our expert investors and robo-advising algorithm have combined to make an investing strategy that takes advantage of market volatility. When the market is good, you win with the market. When the market is bad, you take advantage of the volatility and soar.

If you had invested on January 1, 2020 with this investing strategy, you would now have nearly doubled your investment. 

2020 Gains with Inclusivest

Every Secret Sauce Has Tradeoffs.

How are these gains possible and why isn’t everyone doing this?

Great Question!

The very fact that you ask that question means you are in the right place. Every investing strategy has what is known as “trade-offs”. For example, if you invest in high risk, high reward portfolios you have the chance to make high returns quickly, but you also have the chance to lose money quickly if the market turns. Alternatively, if you invest in low risk portfolios, you trade-off the high potential for quick gains for increased capital stability.

With Inclusivest, we sacrifice a small amount of gains during “up” markets in order to take advantage of down markets and protect your money in case of a crash.

Notice in the graph above that between May 2020 and June 2021, the S&P grew roughly 24% faster than Inclusivest. And that is the trade-off. In order to best protect your cash throughout the year, we will sacrifice modest gains – BUT, when crashes come the goal is to take advantage and grow quickly. You will notice a dip at the start of a crash as we track volatility and calculate the best time to take advantage, but then our goal is to protect you from the crash and make you money in the process. 

Over time we believe this is both a safe and very profitable strategy. But it is up to you to decide whether this strategy is right for you. If it sounds intriguing, join the waitlist today! 

Join the waitlist today!